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For the purpose of obtaining the final product of good quality, it is necessary for the wood to be hydrothermally processed in certain production stages. Our company’s technology is based on a well-rounded production process, from cutting raw logs, through drying, to the final processing on contemporary machines, so as finishing according to the stipulated standards. Moisture removal in the dryers with over-200m3 chamber capacity requires regulation and controlling the parameters in order to improve mechanical and physical properties of wood, and, accordingly, the final product of better quality. Increasingly greater demands and merchantability inspired us to formulate the manufacture of our products carefully and correctly. The optimal distribution of machines and workers leads towards improving the efficiency and increasing the range of serial production. In the production plant, there are contemporary machines, CNC mills, longitudinal joint lines are there to facilitate our work and provide serial production. The finishing of our products is based on applying non-toxic substances, we use water-based varnishes exclusively, adhesives without formaldehyde, and application of bio oils. “Standard Furniture Serbia” tries to approach the buyer as a customer the best way it can, by advancing permanently, investing in contemporary equipment, improving, with its contemporary and modern design, with every product being genuinely functional. Watch the video!


  •  October 2007. A mutual investment Jasen-IKEA was made, in order to build a kitchen cutting board manufacturing plant, with the capacity of 45.000 pieces per month.
  • Januar 2011. : An investment of the Daccomet AG company from Zurich was made. . With the aforementioned investment, a significant increase , a significant increase in the production range occurred through the re-organization of workplaces and hiring additional manpower. Increasing the number of employees from 15 to 165 employees.
  •  2013  Obtaining a wood chip mill in order to increase the briquette production capacity.
  •  2015/2016- A continuous increase of production range and production capacities
  • 2017/2018- The number of employees increased to 300 workers, expansion of production range
  In order to increase the capacity and production flexibility, we perform the optimal selection of the technology park, where a significant part of the equipment was projected and made in-house, in accordance with our needs.


Taking care of our environment and the appropriate use of natural resources, we decided on introducing the FSC standard . Briquette diameter: 96mm; Length: 280-310mm; Density per unit: 1.009 kg/m3; Total humidity: 10,6%; Ashes: 0,85% Evaporable matters: 77,85% Caloric value: 17.292 kJ/kg. During the technological process, technological waste is being taken care of, where a part is used for our own needs, a part is being briquetted, into beech BIO fuel, without additional impurities..    


Wood, as one of the most important and most precious materials, has proved to be a valuable tradition for many centuries when it comes to preparing food. Despite the presence of plastic and modern materials, a wooden kitchen cutting board is an inevitable detail during the quality and elegant preparation of food. The perfect surface for cutting, chopping and mincing different foodstuffs – bread, cookies, fruit and vegetables, cheese and meat...made of bukve, done with bio oil.
  • Large cutting surface
  • Available in two variants
  • For every home
Standard Furiture Serbia cares about the environment protection.
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