Standard Furniture Serbia d.o.o.

Standard Furniture Serbia Ltd.,
the only IKEA supplier from Serbia.

The forerunner of Standard Furniture Serbia is a proprietorship business SPB Jasen-Lukić that dealt with interior development and manufacturing custom-made solid-wood furniture in the nineties.
In 2005. the company has 6 workers, in 2006. 8, and fifteen in 2007.
At the moment, the company Standard Furniture Serbia llc, employs more than 200 workers permanently.
Since 2004. SPB “Jasen-Lukić” starts the co-operation with the Swedish company IKEA. . Soon after, the entire production is oriented towards the foreign partner, so that we export 100% of our products to many European, Asian and North American countries since then.
In October 2007, the common investment Jasen-IKEA Ikea was started, for the purpose of building a chopping board plant (LAMPLIG chopping board), with the capacity of 45.455 pieces/month. The aforementioned investment has significantly increased the production range and manpower.
From April 2008, SPB Jasen-Lukić grows into Jasen-Lukić LLC.
In March 2011, Jasen-Lukić LLC became the majority owned affiliate of the Swiss company DACCOMET AG and changes its name to Standard Furniture Serbia LLC.

Standard Furniture Serbia operates in accordance with the IKEA requirements IWAY being one of the most strict ecological and social standards. The IWAY standard refers to the minimal requirements regarding the environment, social and working conditions when it comes to obtaining products, merchandise and services.
Standard Furniture Serbia cares about environment protection and energetic efficiency, so it produces biofuels like briquettes without artificial additives.

The company Standard Furniture Serbia owns:

  • Administration building
  • Log warehouse
  • Dryers
  • The primary plant
  • The final plant
  • Briquette processing plant with a mill
  • The paint room
  • Werehouse for drying semi-finished products
  • Werehouse for storing finished products

We always try to be better!

  • Technology 90% 90%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Marketing 85% 85%
  • Public relations 95% 95%
  • Ecology 100% 100%

General information about the company

The company employs 428 workers.
Standard Furniture Serbia spreads over the area of 20000 m2.
SFS processes over 1500 m3 beech logs monthly.
The capacity of the dryers is about 650 m3 per month

In the race with the global competition, for the purpose of securing the product quality, the company has a rounded up process of wood processing. The adopted policy of strict input raw material quality, from the primary wood processing, to the final processing, to varnishing, makes the products manufactured by SFS highly competent on the world market.

The varnishing process is done according to the electrostatic spraying principle with water-based varnishes.
All the finishes satisfy the Ikea standard completely.
The product quality satisfies the Ikea standard completely.

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