Production Innovations


Abouth the project

  • October 2007. A mutual investment Jasen-IKEA was made, in order to build a kitchen cutting board manufacturing plant, with the capacity of 45.000 pieces per month.
  • Januar 2011. : An investment of the Daccomet AG company from Zurich was made. . With the aforementioned investment, a significant increase , a significant increase in the production range occurred through the re-organization of workplaces and hiring additional manpower. Increasing the number of employees from 15 to 165 employees.
  •  2013  Obtaining a wood chip mill in order to increase the briquette production capacity.
  •  2015/2016- A continuous increase of production range and production capacities
  • 2017/2018- The number of employees increased to 300 workers, expansion of production range
 In order to increase the capacity and production flexibility, we perform the optimal selection of the technology park, where a significant part of the equipment was projected and made in-house, in accordance with our needs.


Technology : Construction of a new production facility
Technology : buying new equipment